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About Us

Hey ya'll! I'm Amy and with my husband and 4 little kiddos we run béba out of good old Austin, Texas.

My third was about 6 months and had just started that "I put everything within reach into my mouth" stage. I'd already had far too many of my favorite pieces of jewelry broken by my first two children when they were babies and even toddlers and was not looking to repeat this a third time. The search for a necklace that would be trendy and hip but also strong enough to hold up to my little kiddos brought about the birth of béba.

Every single one of our béba by Amy teething necklaces is custom designed by yours truly and then made with 100% BPA-free food grade silicone. Each necklace is handcrafted with your baby in mind. Our necklaces all have silicone beads that are specially design to help soothe babies sore gums and ease the pains of teething.

As a mom of 4 llittles I would NEVER create anything for your child I wouldn't let my own kiddos use. Our custom designer silicone necklaces are both trendy for mom and safe and virtually indestructible for both babies and toddlers.

PLEASE REMEMBER: This necklace is intended for adults to wear and is not a toy. Adult supervision is required, babies and children should never be left unattended with our teething jewelry.

I hope you love this exclusive line of béba by Amy teething jewelry!